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Civil, structural, forensic engineering management, and use of municipal solid waste locally and internationally, since 1980. Mr. Carrillo has been a professional expert in civil/structural, environmental, forensic, and since 1986 municipal solid waste engineering, applies engineering principles and technology for building design and construction. At JFC Engineering in Houston, TX, we take our job very seriously as we understand that the future of your new building is in our hands. We are well-versed in the latest technological advancements to build sustainable, structurally safe, and reliable buildings. in Texas in the United States and Mexico.

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Structural System Design - Ingenuity at Work…

During any construction project, ensuring the proper strength, stability, and rigidity of a structure is of the utmost importance. As part of our structural design services, we make sure to aid in the development of a structure that’s capable of resisting all applied loads. From the planning phase to the design phase to the construction phase, we’ll work closely with you to ensure your new structure is built with the utmost strength, stability, rigidity, and flexibility to accommodate future expansion or changes in use.

At JFC Engineering, we take infrastructure, and natural resource challenges big and small, turning them upside down and inside out to design the right solutions.

Construction Design Administration - Success by Design…

Construction design administration is vital for instruction, organization, guidance, and successful job completion. At JFC Engineering, we work seamlessly with our clients to manage and guide projects step by step through every detail.

We’re always mindful of the big picture as we help clients move from ideation to completion without a hitch.

However, we have one common goal: to build a strong foundation for our future – whether it’s an industrial warehouse, marine dock, commercial building, or anything else

Non-Destructive Structural Inspection - Ensure Integrity…

There are all kinds of factors that can cause damage to your structure or put everyone inside the structure in danger, such as wear and tear, chemical attacks, deterioration, temperature excursions, and more.

You want your structure to be fully operational and in the best condition possible for longevity and safety. That’s why testing and quality inspections are necessary during different stages of a structure’s lifespan.

We use nondestructive methods to inspect and evaluate defects that may cause failure. We also examine the hardiness of the structure itself as well as unexpected degradation. We have state-of-the-art inspection equipment and follow the latest techniques for detecting, classifying, and sizing defects in materials or finding any other problems with the structure inside or out.